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Jan 9, 2012

Kid welcomes JMac, Silverback and Dimples McDonna to the studio. The Kid attempts to get sentimental about the last 1,000 shows but is quickly put back on track by talking about JMac's sexcapades including wine and how fast pants make it into the wash. Chubaka makes his Goin' Deep Show Debut, we tell the tale of the naked man canvas, sex positions, someone wanting to learn how to suck cock, and the details behind the sloppy joe incident. The usual amounts of farts and burps cross paths in this one and we give everyone the low down on some grab assing that happens during drunken parties that lead to sex that we all forget about.  Minute by minute show notes below. Go Deep.

1:00 Intro

2:00 The Naked Man Canvas Story

5:00 There are schools around. You can't go walking around with that mans Penis hanging out. 

6:00 JMac Sexcapades 

7:00 Chubaka Makes his Debut

8:00 She's bullshitting and has feelings = Guilt free sex

10:00 We're all very busy with out phones in our faces

12:00 Positions

13:00 A Class in sucking dick at Vaginal Sally

15:00 The 69 with the guy on top is hard with the dangles

16:00 What's on Tap - Bad Sex for 7 years

16:20 Rolling the Dice dance move

17:00 The Sloppy Joe Incident - Party info

18:00 Grabbing junk happily

19:00 You're a ball grabber

19:45 JMac's streak is done

20:00 I tried that in college, no we're not talking anal

20:30 Lets light shit on fire

21:20 Epic sex session forgotten

22:00 WTF are you talking about?

22:45 You're always trying to rape people

23:00 Lets drag JMac under the bus

24:00 Kid gets sentimental about the show

25:00 Invite the new friend to the Wedding

26:00 Dimples gives the Kid shit then almost pukes from a Chinese burp

26:30 The Kid's gotta fart and he's gonna mix it with JMac's Sex panther burp

27:00 Dimples.... you're retarded

28:00 The Kid likes women with a good radio body

29:00 Outro - Balls in the mouth, Sexiness, lesbos and Silverback wants an assigment