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Jan 13, 2012

Kid brings in Hat Trick via skype in this one to yap with Red Eye and Oz. Topics include The birth of the end of the year party, sticking a vibrator up Hat Tricks ass, two drunk whores blowing up Red Eyes phone and how much respenct men lose when they learn that other guys aren't packing much in the pants. 

Hat Tricks takes us through the paces and tells us how to suck a guy off on the first date and all you need is a body chuck full of tatoo's and a willing mouth. 

We hit on aggressive women, stripper poles, born again Christians, and the Kid tells us to stay focused when you fuck and stop worrying about tomorrow. 

Red Eye gets the interrogation  when the Kid asks about his X wife and how fat she's getting, and there is an off chance that Hat Trick may know her new man. 

Did we mention that Hat Trick swallows for easy cleanup?

Its a service she offers…. but only on the first date. 

Go Deep. 

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:45 Guess who's mic is louder than everyone elses

1:15 Hat Trick attempted to talk

1:30 End of the world party

3:00 Sticking a vibrater up your ass

5:00 You log in on 4square / Path a lot

7:00 Real Names

8:45 When is Sookie coming back?

10:00 Two bitches giving Red Eye the Stink Eye

11:00 These two know I fucked them both

12:30 Fucking sand and seaweed into a chick

14:00 She'll elbow you in the dick and you'll like it

15:00 I wanna smack chicks in the face with my dick

15:30 Guys lets NOT talk about dick size.

16:00 Small dick

16:40 We didn't fuck I just blew him…. he got off in 30 seconds

17:00 I think he got off on my tattoos

19:00 I normaly don't thank my girls for Blowjobs

19:15 I swallowed it for easy cleanup

20:00 Lets break in the new studio

21:00 Emmy has to test the pole… naked

21:25 Why do women have to be extremes

22:00 Hat Trick is a guys labido inside a Tattoed Hottie

22:15 Aggressive women

22:45 We're not done, lets not plan the next fuck until this one is over

23:50 Hat Trick cannot be hurt

24:35 You ever let a chick just get to you? - Red Eye's Baby Momma

25:00 Red Eyes X wife is packing it on

26:00 When's the last time you fucked her - Her relationship

26:45 Hat Trick might know your X wires new dude

27:00 How She got the name

27:30 You've put the fat Hex on her?

28:00 It's all your fault

28:45 Are you naked

29:00 The Details