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Jan 16, 2012

The Kid welcomes Hat Trick via skype, Red Eye falling asleep and Oz who bonds with the Kid over bitchy X's and 13 year olds. Kid is regretting his suggestions to family about what they should get for Christmas, Hat Trick jumps on camera where we make some comments on her ears, her Eric Northman shirt and True Blood. She gives us the scoop on her worst sex session and how she gave the guy a second chance. We round out with some porn talk and fling poo at Red Eye who crashed pretty hard. Go Deep.

Minute by Minute Shownotes


2:00 Downloads - How many Dicks can Hat Trick Handle

2:50 Is it cheating if I fuck your armpit

3:00 What if I spit in your armpit then fuck it. 

4:00 Red bull makes you unlazy

4:30 Fuck more bitches

5:00 Get more drunk on a leap year

5:40 Are you gonna get naked

6:00 The backlash from whip cream

6:30 New fangled toys - Facetime with family

7:00 Hat Trick on cam

7:30 Check out the ears on this one

8:00 The Hat Trick High Quality Standard Test

8:30 Tape measure with metric

9:30 The dick measuring contest

10:10 Red Eye barely awake - Tilt

11:00 Don't live longer, Women sex will only get more sensitive

11:45 Droopy balls in your face

12:00 Stand up and prance around

13:00 The whole package - True Blood

13:20 The bad ass vs the pussy

14:00 Following True Blood characters on Twitter

15:25 Hat Trick on Twitter

16:00 Its like when a tongue hits the clit - The booty call

16:30 Kids are awesome

17:00 The X and what her fucking name is …. Bitchface

17:45 The Protector

18:00 Tuff with the 13 year old and bitchy mothers

18:20 Lets talk about Hat Tricks Vagina - When you clean last

19:00 More Mila Jovovich

19:20 JMac is in charge of lesbos

19:50 Classy shots on there - Hot as fucking shit

20:00 The mind behind the

20:15 Red Eye falls asleep daydreaming about Hat Tricks pussy

21:18 Why did I put my dick in that chick? How Drunk was I

21:45 Hat Trick explains the relationship with Baby Daddy

22:30 The worst guy Hat Trick has ever had

23:20 I could barely feel him inside of me

24:00 He asked to marry me

25:25 Who was the best

26:00 Fucking on the coffeetable - Red Eye Falls asleep

27:00 Hat Trick you better come jerk this fucker off

27:30 Masturbation on the show

27:40 Ride the face - 24 hours of oral

28:30 The Coffee break oral section

29:30 Fallin' asleep - Outro