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Jan 16, 2012

Kid, JMac, MAP, Silverback and Dimples McDonna in on this episode of the GDS. Topics include tempting The MAP with B&C Pizza, JMac tells the tale of the lonely piece left on his oven which leads into various ladies wishing they were that piece. The MAP gets us up to date on all the places he's banged at his new home, a number of poop related stories is revealed including Silverbacks church camp poop caper, Dimples McDonna's locked in the school craziness and believe it or not the Kid didn't even play a poop sound effect.  We briefly discuss Madmen and how the Kid still attempts to live in that world. Dimples mother skills get called out but quickly are defended and we talk southern speak for a bit and tell Siri to get her shit together so she can understand english. Go freakin' Deep.

0:00 Intro - The MAP, Dimples, JMac, Silverback

1:30 BC Pizza The real happy ending

2:00 The Ending to B&C  usually isn't happy

2:20 Dimples on your oven cardboard 

3:00 Like a Dirty Paula Dean

3:25 Paula Abdul

4:00 Pumped for America's Got Talent

5:40 The MAP get us up to date

6:00 Did you initiate all the rooms of the new house

7:00 Newlyweds - sex over the motorcycle

8:00 My name is Dimples Silverback vs JMac

8:25 Did you just call me Paula Dean

8:30 Five days of no pooping

9:00 Church camp poop story

11:00 You better keep your bloody rags for us

12:00 The first time you bled across a wall

14:00 I got locked into the shitter…. at school

15:25 Getting left by yourself

16:00 My mom worked at a convenience store

17:00 Madmen

18:30 Mom of the year

19:45 Examples of good mothers

20:00 Dimples defends herself - Bob comes to her defense

21:00 As far as my Kid knows she loves me. 

21:15 JMac talking to Dad about TVs

22:00 MAP's Dad's text messages

23:00 Changing reality

24:00 Dimples Accent - Oodles of Noodles

25:00 Southern Language

26:00 Siri needs to get her shit together

27:00 Wafflehouse and two cars

28:00 When you waking up

29:00 I'm late for work if I'm refreshed

29:30: Outro