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Jan 17, 2012

In Studio: Kid, JMac, Sleze

Kid, JMac and Sleze in studio discuss old listener line calls, something called beer 30, The Kid has to be talked off the ledge from getting sucked into Facebook, We play a Listener line call from SerenityX and tell you how to make JMac blush. 

We give out best to Magnum who finally broke down and got a boob job or a Lypo Relocation as JMac would put it. We make fun of women with droopy faces, 80's sluts and compare TV stars to their blown out local counter parts. 

We discuss why JMac is into cougars and how he lets his friends grope the ever living out of his Xwife and how good the Sleze Homebrew is and how We're gonna take turns… or churns stirring it with our cocks. 

Go Deep bitches. 

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:30 Intro

0:55 Timecapsule listener line calls

2:21 SerenityX Listener Line Call

5:00 Beer 30

5:30 Kid Rock in Saginaw

6:10 Fuck Facebook

8:00 Playing Cards on Path

8:30 WTF Myspace

8:50 JMac's first facebook experience

10:00 JMac's Wife was wondering why I was single

11:20 Fuck advertising

13:00 JMac's fly down at the Bowling Alley

13:30 Bowling kinda hottie

14:00 Magnum got her boobs done?

14:30 Lypo Relocation

15:00  Kirstie Alley

16:30 Shelly Long or Katie? 

17:00 The Blown out version

17:55 80s sluts

18:50 You made Yahoo news

19:20 Old men vs Old women

19:55 Cougars and  Milfs are into JMac

20:35 Anything you've never brought up

22:00 Wally not paying for anything

22:20 Wally groping JMac's X wife

23:20 Don Tang got bloated

24:00 Old Shows available

25:00 A folder full of Shows

26:00 Drinking More Beer - Sleze Home brew

27:00 GDS Beer

28:00 Gotta pace the beer consumption

29:00 Outro