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Feb 1, 2012

Pretty much the opposite of yesterdays show. Here are the minute by minute show notes without the description. I'll get to it later tonight. I mean who reads this shit anyway. Go Deep already. 

0:20 The Kid intro

0:30 The 40 year old Kid

0:45 GDub in the house

1:10 Kid wants a shirt that says Pornographer

2:00 Gramma's are cooler than real parents

2:45 Old granny sex

3:20 The Ride back for GDub - Ohio Sucks

4:00 This is gonna be a rant show

4:20 Red's hug titties

6:00 I'm not getting fixed

6:45 The Kid's regrets in life

7:00 What was going through Kid's 22 year old head

7:43 The problems solved by jerking off

8:00 Manipulative women

8:45 The slapdown

9:00 Thinking of other women during sex

9:40 Newt Gingrich open marriage

10:00 Family values can suck it

11:00 The Kid's freedom

11:40 The anorexic dad at school and short mexican chick

13:00 I wanna punch them in the fucking cunts

13:15 What bugs the Kid - Dentist edition

14:00 Noises suck

14:40 Back to Red's tits - Out of Control

15:00 She flashed me one time

15:30 Fire snatch

15:50 Fuckface Book - IPO

16:00 You are Facebook's product

16:30 They own your shit

17:00 Which X got fat and ugly

17:30 Don't let them use you

18:00 GDub got layed through Facebook

19:00 Can you stretch out my vagina again please

19:30 There are more websites than just Facebook

20:00 Don't chat or message me through Fuckbook

20:40 When Mom is questioning my religion on FB itst time to go

21:00 God doesn't want penis in little boys

21:30 Time for This or That …. Demi vs Jennifer…. Angalina

22:50 Why the Kid's the kid - The Apple slicer incident

24:30 Red works her ass off

25:00 Me time

25:50 Like a manchild

26:00 A beer and a shot

27:00 GDub and his flasks

28:00 JMac's wedding - The women love the wedding

28:30 Don't get married

29:00 I can't stand her but she likes to suck dick

29:05 Serenity X is Gdub's new whipping chick