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Feb 10, 2012

In Studio: Kid, Red Eye, Oz

On Skype: Hat Trick

0:22 Intros

1:30 Hat Tricks take on the two twatted girl

2:00 Imagine if one of her two Vagina's was stinky

4:00 80's Fest, Schedule stuff - Huge Burp

5:00 Magnum is in a relationshit - Facebook official

5:30 Hat Trick is stalking Magnum

6:00 Hope she's gettin' fucked hard. Wasn't that the problem

7:00 Patterns with show participation

7:30 Does the show ruin marriage?

7:55 Just don't tell people ya dummy

8:40 Red Eye is right on the pulse of the relationshit

8:55 Magnum is officially dating a car 

9:25 The lifespan of a person on the show

10:00 Red Eye has jerked it to Hat Trick

10:10 The Kid takes a stab at the typical Magnum man

10:50 Hat Trick Tattoo time - Tat section

11:10 Looking at porn can be overwhelming

11:30 Not numb yet

12:00 Do you think you can handle the dedication to porn?

12:30 Red Eye calls out Mags…. again

13:00 Time to take down the tree

13:25 No good words for Red Eye

13:40 Hat Trick…. just say yes

14:00 Why can I not turn past the Kardashians - Time for a load on Kims face

14:40 Wally sneak attack on Hat Trick with whip cream

15:00 Vodka infused whipped cream

15:30 Hockey Panty Party

16:14 Twin talk

16:50 Our Kids go to school together

17:00 The "Why are you so fat" story

18:00 Use your kids for asking shit you don't want to

18:20 New Kids are homos

18:45 Shit

19:25 David Navarro Tattoo TV

20:00 Nothing but negative stuff

21:00 No Tats for Red Eye

21:30 More Vagina Tats

22:05 We'll be there for the whole thing

22:25 Follow Hat Tricks vagina

23:05 Do women ever get their Pee holes done?

23:25 Lets spray in all kinds of directions

23:50 Fans look this shit up. (Serenity Mention)

24:14 If people tattoo their buttholes they'll do a pee hole piercing

24:30 Lets tattoo your butthole - Dingleberries

25:00 Everybody poops - Princess Albertina

25:30 Shitheads return in the next one

26:10 Lets look at lady parts with holes in them

26:45 Someone is scared of Vagina - On fire and put out with a chain

27:00 The MAP's motorcycle shop in Phoenix, AZ

27:30 Eckler's been busy

27:50 What's on Tap

28:00 Rum-chatta -

28:20 You've never tasted your own tittie milk

29:00 Hat Trick's sexy stories

29:29 Final Words - Hat Trick and Serenity X double team the Kid