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Mar 10, 2012

Kid and GDub go straight crazy on your ass in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We talk about how true fans will fuck other people up for you, We hope killing 30 minutes to an hour of wasting your time is worth it,  The Kid emphasizes his hatred of anyone trying to sell him something and Gdub talks about full on choke slamming jackasses.  We do another Red's titties recap and wonder the curiosities of how women are like transformers. GDub also tells everyone his mission when jumping on Xbox with tweens and Kid tells everyone how shitty it is when your 13 year old has a HD camera in the phone and isn't afraid to use it.  We come to the conclusion that we'd stick it to a co-hosts sister just to say we'd do it. tune in Go Live, Gop Deep.  Not on

Minute by Minute Shownotes

0:30 Intro

1:30 Bible assignment

3:00 Chicks with a mini fro

6:00 Hot or Not

7:00 GDub's gonna choke slam you

9:00 True fans will fuck you up

10:00 Rambo First blood part II

11:30 WTF if up with politicians

13:00 Kill me

14:00 Salespeople can suck it

16:00 Don't trust organized anything

17:00 Lets get married…. later

18:00 Tap Detroit we can kill 30 minutes of your life

18:30 Red's titties - Even more awesome each day

19:00 Instant Boobs

19:30 Women are like transformers

20:00 Imagine if rum or vodka made your dick bigger

20:30 The retard kid who pulls their pants all the way down

21:00 Are you done shitting? 

21:30 Retard… The word makes you squirm

22:00 Get the fuck over it. 

22:10 Gdub is aggressive on Xbox live

24:00 Shitty waitress's shit in your food

25:05 My 13 year old kid's iPhone

25:30 Imagine if we had this technology when we were kids

26:00 Recording sex acts

27:30 Kid you're gonna hate this one

28:00 Wally's sister

28:20 Hat Trick will smack you with a cock

29:00 Outtro - Spoo will hurt people for you