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Apr 3, 2012

Kid and GDub go off on a tangent and discuss bleeding buttholes, how gays get aids and the Kid is on a mad hunt for naked photos of Christina Hendrickson. GDub schools the youth of America on the hardwood, and we find a new pimp to idolize. Kid gives us his take on getting stared at by kitty cats while taking a dump and all GDub is worried about when getting a blowjob is the cat jumping on it and slicing the ever living out of it. 

All that including a bunch of advertisers dropping Rush Limbaugh and a story of God really taking care of a tornado ravaged city. Go Deep. 

Show Notes.

0:30 Gremlin's in the system

1:00 Giant fucking Delay

1:30 My butthole is bleeding

1:50 Did poop get in my bloodstream

2:00 Gay's have poop in their bloodstream

2:15 Kid says to suck it. 

2:45 Naked Christina Hendrickson

3:10 Holding off for naked big titted Red head

3:50 Redheads have super powers

4:25 Fingering a redhead is all right because they can take it

4:50 GDub tell us your butthold hearing story

5:30 Fiber will help your softball sized poop

5:45 I'm too busy to shit

6:00 Drinking vs Shitting

6:20 God will take care of you. 

7:00 Jesus is My Tech support

7:25 She thinks you're Jesus GDub

7:40 Possitive thoughts vs Looney bin

9:00 Do you dopes have a fucking brain

9:30 God II is a loving God - God I not so much

9:50 Rush Limbaugh

10:45 My sponsors suck

11:35 Preaching to the masses

12:00 Stop setting yourself up for disaster

12:30 Lets talk about poop

12:40 Sex Clubs

13:00 Yo cripple… you spend the night outside

13:30 Stephen H. is a pimp

14:00 JMac vs Stephen H.

14:30 Creative people get away with shit

15:55 Old School pimps

16:30 Lets start telling bitches what they can do with their vagina

17:20 The story of 2 bathrooms

17:40 The Cat is staring at me while I shit

18:25 Animals watching sex

19:00 Cats licking my nads

19:10 Can you put the cat out before you blow me

19:45 ON TAP

20:00 Gross websites

20:20 Oops your dude burned up on reentry

21:10 The butthole of the internet

21:50 I'll toss a shoe in your eye socket

22:00 Jerry Springer drinking game

22:30 Getting buttfucked by a computer

22:50 The Psych ward

23:00 GDub dominates at hoops

24:00 Pretending to be a teacher

25:00 Wally shownotes

28:00 Outro