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May 10, 2012

Sookie vs Hat Trick in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Kid and JMac in studio talking smack and getting the ladies lit on beer and liquor.  Hat Trick is drinking passion fruit rum so she can slam it straight. JMac does a tit rub in this and well so does Hat Trick. 

The Kid is made aware that when he's drunk he picks up girls and doesn't even drop them.  He usually dishes out Kid A.G. handshakes to all the ladies with epic boobies such as Sookies. 

Sookie tells us about a stripper show she went to and JMac gives us the rundown on if he'd ever strip for cash. 

Hat Trick gives the Kid the run down on how to not live the dirty Hockey lifestyle. 

We learn that Hat Trick will spread her legs for a Milkshake.

Go Deep.