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Apr 2, 2013

Kid and Don Tang make fun of North Korea's kiddie porn loving leaders. We somehow go directly into women shaving our balls and steering directly into a stripper throwing videos of her ass on Vine.  Don Tang expresses his love for midgets, and how he's following them. Kid rips ass because he ate too much cauliflower and did you hear that Jesus is making a comeback? Don Tang does a movie review of some lame duped religious movie on Netflix.  We go over the list of Celebrities who's getting the nerdy Google Glasses crap. Don Tang has a friend connected to his wrist and he hates every square inch of the hippo. We make fun of Don Tang Dad....aka Dad Tang and his love of Duck Dynasty, and his lack of tech knowledge. We wrap it up with numb balls and how to send your kid away so you can bang in the morning.  Living the fucking dream. Go Deep bitches and call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP..