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Jan 9, 2015

Kid, Gdub, and Hat Trick in on this episode where topics include how a stoned puppy is the luckiest animal in the room.  Gdub sends a shout out to evil and the Kid starts the show witha chick riding a car stick shift.  He then asks what frozen or piping hot sausages Hat Trick has had in and around her vagina. She reveals that she has done the Hat Trick wine which includes grapes in the vagina that were then eaten. We talk ping pong balls and shooting them sky high from the twat.  Gdub has volunteered to be the ping pong pussy pushing coach who encourages and coaches Hat Trick through the ping pong pussy fling. We get some money making ideas including the Hat Trick butt print or tittie print and GDub has his take on creating artwork. We discuss the porn ban and call it a bunch of bullshit.  Go Deep.