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Jan 21, 2015

Kid welcomes back Gdub, Wally, Don Tang and Red Eye.  Kid puts Red Eye's dumb cunt X in the spotlight and we immediately jump into disfunction and how it seems to just follow any woman. We discuss Hate Fucking, The Pity Fuck, The Tittie Fuck and how every guy hates himself at some point for porking some crazy chick. We come to the realization that Red Eye is attracted to crazy bitch Mexican chicks and loves the drama.  Kid also gives the blow by blow tale of some Old lady and some Jaba the Hut imitator who got friendly in a Hot Tub Time Machine attempt. Red Eye bangs an old lady and he couldn't get the old hag to leave after he porked her. Wally gives his technique for getting a dumb bitch to leave when you don't need her anymore. Gdub banged a Native America and isn't proud of it. We wrap up with Wally discussing a massive massive 5 hour boner that terrified him.