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Dec 14, 2010

Kid and JMac are outnumbered in this edition of the GDS. Sexy Snow White, Magnum and newcomer Dimples McDonna hit the studio where we call each other out on tasting our own sexual juices, flickin' beans at a live kids show and the sweet smells of Snatch.

Kids wife wants to rip his balls off for doing such a late show and causing the Kids Kid to wake up. JMac gets called out for being too thin and the crowd wonders if he has something wrong with him. We discuss the possibility of smoking helping your taste buds so you're able to go down on some stanky snatch.

This immediately leads into discussions of who has the tastiest vagina and the ladies in the room calling out those who haven't tasted their loads.

The Kid wonders if some vagina tastes like it has candy treats inside of it and nobody believes that he hasn't tasted his own splooge.

Magnum tells us the tale of throwing JMac under the bus during a recent trip to Detroit where a flaming homosexual is all over him. We discuss sex toys, vagina's that feel wonderful vs not so wonderful and of course Elmo and Masturbation. Go Deep.