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Dec 15, 2010

Wally live from Traverse City joins The Kid in this episode of The Goin' Deep Show. Wally is nearly caught stealing wine, We explain our douche-sac old server shutting us down because we nearly broke the Internet. A pleading Wombat from Australia wants us to drop a bomb on whatever city Oprah is visiting down under.

The Kid explains what would happen if Oprah is shot in the face, how much he hates beer companies trying to innovate by making color changing labels and stupid vortex bottles. 

We talk a little baseball, mention streaming the show live to phones, and Wally calls out JMac for choosing a blow job over getting free tickets to a football game.

Kid rants about Crossroads Village, the most unhappy place on earth..... unless you're drunk. Thank you Natty Ice.

We top it all off with little kids pissing on Santa Claus. Thank you douchebag parents forcing your jackoff kid to sit on Santa's lap.

Juice makes an appearance via the Go to Hell line and kid calls out an iPad app that was immediately deleted after one click. Check it all out here on the Goin' Deep Show.