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Dec 19, 2010

The Kid welcomes Dimples Mcdonna back to the show and a surprise visit from Mr. Kleen. Topics the threesome hit on include how not to piss your pants by using the three finger taint tickle method.

We compare girl porn to guy porn and discover that women use their brains and guys have to see it in all its vivid glory. All the juicy wet portions of it.

We make some new years resolutions not to beat off and to lose some weight. Nobody in the studio or the world believes any of that will actually come to reality. Kleen gets concerned his loads will overwhelm his lady friend if he stopped twisting one off because he's so potent. 

All of this bullshit along with Kleen initiating hot tubs, girls tasting themselves, urban radio stations and The Kid not going to see The Kid because his balls got wet with urine.

For you youngsters out there hitting your first concert The Kid also gives you a full proof way to survive a vicious mosh pit and of course we do some research on our favorite website Red Tube. Everyone Go Deep in our initial release on the new Server.


The Kid
over eight years ago

Just wanted to send a shout to our listeners during our transition over to Libsyn. We will be attempting to move our archive over to this side of things in the near future and will also be maintaining our old rss feed at the same time so if you are a subscriber the old way there will be zero hickups for you in receiving the GDS and for those who will subscribe from the new RSS feed thats fine too. Go Deep and look forward to an exciting 2011.