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Dec 20, 2010

Kid, Kleen, Dimples McDonna hit the studio where we do some research on Red Tube of the mysterious talents of the squirter. Dimples tries to find out if squirting is real and she thinks its women violently peeing and flicking it around. 

We ask Kleen if he's hit his new lady in the shitter or if its even an option. We discuss hemroids, assholes flipping inside out and all kinds of inner plumbing on the outside. 

Kleen gives us the low down on how  dirty old ladies loved his sponge baths. He also said he would send lady nurses into rooms where old deaf guys are beating off and the Kid calls him out on not trying to put his weiner in the mouth of an old lady with no teeth. 

We also ask if Kleen ever hooked up with one of the coworkers just after cleaning a full sized grown up depend under garment full of fecal matter. Sounds freakin' romantic doesn't it? 

Kleen also wishes his later years are filled with jerking off 4 times a day. Which is just down from his now six times a day. 

Kid talks about his ball fro and some weight loss program where Kleen is the secret weapon since he knows all the ways to cheat and lose tons of weight in the shortest amount of time. 

This episode has more disgusting topics and sounds than we've had in a long time. Go Deep and try not to get any on ya.