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Dec 21, 2010

GDub and Wally join the Kid in episode 745 of the Goin' Deep Show.  Credit goes to Wally for inspiring everyone out there to call the go to Hell line and bitch somone out.  Now only if he could remember the number to call. We chat a bit about registered users, extra content and special features.

The crew decided to make money by mushroom stamping paper with their dicks. In person mushroom stamping could probably be arranged at a premium cost.

GDub quits a job he got abused at but he doesn't have an epic quitting story. Wally then relives his epic quit story where he called Wendy's when he was too high to go in to work his shift.  Instead he just quit then forgot to hangup the phone.

Kid gives the big F.U. to the server that we use to be at.  They pretty much bent us over and slid something hard right in our backside.

We do a little What's on Tap and discuss the Ideal Party store and their amazing selection of alcoholic beverages. We also agree that its too hard to keep track of how many you have when you drink pitchers especially when you're counting your calories.

At the halfway point we discuss violent sex with encyclopedia's getting used as hammers during the act.

We give you this weeks shot and shell boobie review, which leads into a story of our favorite Shell waitress trying to kill her boyfriend.

The Kid calls his X a dumb cunt and makes fun of mothers who still think they make a difference.  Swim meets and othe bullshit fill this one out. Go Deep and get drunk ASAP.