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Jan 11, 2011

Kid welcomes Magnum and Dimples McDonna into the studio where we measure weiners. We discuss the fact that little kids are evil and when you're on a diet you want to punch people in the face. We discuss the Kid's hair ambitions and how the two ladies in the studio both wanna see different things on his head. Kid also talk about the fact that he hasn't wacked of yet in 2011. We discuss the amazing Fiber 1 bars and how they make you shit yourself in a major way. We give you a special site that will help you with your diet. Hint, you'll wanna throwup. We remind everyone to send in submissions to name Magnum's Vagina. We talk about vagina lips, Fed X guys with their jacks hanging out and morning wood.  This is the beginning of a great series of shows.  Go Deep bitches.