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Jun 7, 2011

Kid welcomes back the Mayor JMac, superstar vagina Rogue and a newbie Silverback to the GDS Studio. We kick it off fast and furious with stories of reliving the glory days, JMac tells everyone he's the version of a male cougar, Kid discusses the weekend of having a threesome, and people getting punched in the face. We also tap on the fact that youthful 19 year old strippers are pretty damn awesome. Silverback also gets mad props for taking care of the Kid while drunk....driving, and we point out the fact that someone we played softball with is in some deep shit for kind of having sex with underage girls.  Sorry for your luck. We discuss stripper pole techniques and how Silverback's strength and conditioning classes help when riding the pole.  I think we toss some Hat Trick discussion in because Silverback and HT go way back. There's probably also some making fun of Mr. Kleen, which just happens to be the crews new favorite past time. Listen in Go Deep, then Go Deeper.