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Jun 21, 2011

Kid, Magnum, and Rogue bring you a show that will probably piss off all those douchenozzles who think there are too many ladies on the show.  We read a listener email of some angry fuck who needs to just stop listening to the program. We decide that Jesus was probaby a drunk and the Kid wants to drink with him. We tell everyone about a very hairy vagina, a girl that a former host may be trying to hook up with and that same girl who a new member of the crew did take out.  Its all code words here on the GDS so you better listen unless you're a butthole who doesn't have a life.  Then just go about your business. We hit the Weiner tip as well and ask about sexting.  Mr. Kleen's favorite thing to do besides jerking off. Rogue tells us about how her new international relationship involves sending pictures of loads. Go fuckin' deep.