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Jul 18, 2011

Kid welcomes JMac, Eckler, Shithead, Magnum and Rogue to the show. The Kid tries to explain to the vagina of the show who rules it. JMac explains being caught Red handed. The goal of everything in this GDS world is to get your dick wet and guess who won? JMac won. 

We talk about who makes the rules and who decides to be a slut vs starting a relationship with someone. 

The guys talk about what would happen if a porn star offers herself up. 

We also discuss local traffic and where some drunk people are living. JMac tells us how its beneficial to sleep prior to sex. 

The Kid talks about a woman crying..... and blowing him. 

Its all good. 

The Kid also says he tends to just say it because he doesn't give a shit. 

Go Deep.