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Jul 19, 2011

Magnum is sweaty, Rogue is talking about cocks getting chopped off and Shithead breaks up a fight in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We talk local concerts, and tease to a special episode 900 that will be coming out next week.  We do some talk of queefing and Hooters review. Rogue tells us she likes boobs and Kid hates the anorexic Hooter girls.  Kid also says he loves Emma Watson and Harry Potter is a drunk in rehab. We give our take on the last movie. Shithead tells us about how the RIAA can suck it. Rogue gives us the low down on what she knows about movies and how much it costs. We tell everyone to check outthe Emma Watson upskirts shot and strongly encourage everyone to go watch Kim Kardashian's sex tape.... even though its from way back its way worth the revisit. Rogue tries to be serious and talks about Rupert M's big troubles shutting down a newspaper over some eavesdropping scandal. We also do some Google+ discussion and Shithead makes a bold prediction that it will kill facebook.  Bold motha fucka Bold. We also tell you about some nasty bitch we ran into at an Arby's. Its yucky. Go Deep.