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Jul 21, 2011

Kid and JMac welcomes back The Wolf, Legs and Little Wolf into the studio where we talk about hooking up through Comcast, innapropriate sex noises from Dad and all while the air conditioning is on in the background.  The Wold talks about cheaters, how they always kill the messenger and some people get payed to cheat. 

GDub joins in midway and we discuss frequency of blow jobs and hit a news story of a woman cutting off a cock. The boys get creative on how and what to attach to your groin to fix that situation. 

Superglued hardons tearing away from your stomach is also discussed and how awesome that would be. 

We get into ass play and the military and why you don't want a room full of guys wanting you. 

The Wolf also gets letters from neighbors for having sex way too loud.

Check it out, Go Live, Go Deep, Listen Now.