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Sep 12, 2011

Kid, Shithead and Rogue in studio discuss retarded old friends who post stupid shit to Facebook and Twitter, Rogue got her pussy slammed and is smiling ear to ear during this show. The Kid tosses out the idea of having every second of his day Tweeted to the world and if it would suck or not. He also talks about his younsters first day of school and the different type of parent that was at the orientation.  Here's to you super old guy with super young kids.  Try not to jump off a bridge every morning realizing your retirement years will be driving yourself nuts with children. We hit on the who's fucked up at the grocery store and we go over the nicknames for our dicks. Shithead expresses his ambitions to sniff Rogues bung hole and Rogue starts fights on the internet with slutty bitches. Go Deep.