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Nov 1, 2011

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Kid, JMac, and Juice psychoanalyze a GDS host, we play a few clips of said guest during her hey day with another host.  The Kid asks Juice if he's allowed to kill people, who to call and JMac tells us how serious it is down where he lives and how to keep the thug live away. We do a comparison of how different life is now that you can change plans every three seconds via the cell phone. Big Red Man joins us and gives us a movie review of the Green Lantern. We're not very timely giving baseball scores but who gives a shit. Deal with it. JMac slapped a guys ass. It was all an accident so don't be concerned.  We play the newly adopted gameshow known as Guess the Race… poop edition. We do a Detroit Commercial discussion and some Steve Jobs talk. Go Deep.