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Nov 23, 2011

Kid tells the world of his wifes love of smelly Mexicans, GDub sticks with the theme and talks about Taco Mac a local bar where they have over 120 beers on tap. Kid talks about how the world of business now relies heavily on the mentality of gaming and beating your friends. We decide that we hate websites that use our information to build their brand and business. We rip on a former coworker who drank O'dules and call him out for being a complete asshole. 

We give you a heartwarming story of mothers raping 10 month old children and sending the video to a friend in Kalamazoo, MI. We go over the things in a mans life that we're thankful for including discovering that you can have pleasure from your wee wee. 

We tell you of this new hottie named Helen Flanagan, she has big old boobies and likes to show em off. 

We discuss Lindsay Lohan's teeth and how all you have to do now is hang come cocain in front of her face and she'll suck your dick. 

Go get sucked. Go Deep.