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Dec 8, 2011

Kid and GDub call out JMac for not being able to spell yet still kicks ass at the same online game that got Alec Baldwin kicked off a plane. We tell you how to cheat in school and how not to cheat in school. The Kid tosses out a stunning hottie of the night, Tatiana Gill and challenges anyone out there to find someone hotter. We ask the important question of when will a guy stop thinking about sex?

We also send everyone to the google to search for a droopy Kirstey Alley face, Xraying your tits and 52 year old dudes getting hitched to 17 year olds.  We ask all the important questions. Such as why isn't Lindsay Lohan showing her total wet snatch in playboy.The Kid suggests she head directly over to Hustler so she can get some credibility.

We tell the world how to steal publications off the internet and put them on your iPad. We predict that Madonna's smelly crotch and crypt keeper style will be scaring the children during the Superbowl. 

We talk smells, being a slog and slobbing the knob. Its all Good but not as good as the Miss USA from Michigan who got tanked and drove drunk.  We now love her... her dad probably doesn't though.  She's gonna get lit on fire. 

Go Deep.