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Mar 2, 2015

Juluana Provenzari is our hottie of the week in this episode. We discuss new wack off technologies that can power your phones. We encourage the promotion of this free the nipples campaign that a bunch of chicks are into.  We also encourge them to free the vagina, free dat ass and free the bung hole while you're at it.  We get Red Eye to give us the details on the 41 year old mother of three that he took home from the bar and banged then couldn't get rid of her. Don Tang gives us the solution to fat chicks in teh swimsuit issue. We discuss poo smell solutions and the commercial where a women asks a guy to shit and go commando. We put Red Eye on the spot about the chick he's trying to get with and I think we wrap up with Don Tang talking about his upcoming wedding. Go Deep.