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Feb 8, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016 - Episode 1319

Kid and Gdub discuss how badly we need a technical person to handle things for the show. The Kid outlines his plans for the new domain name he gobbled up recently and it features a full database of all the women teachers who've gone a little too far with their students. We touch on the topic of all the nasty shit that goes on at the Playboy mansion.

Kid rants about some out of touch cunt who has no fucking clue about porno mags. In order to appreciate black history month the Kid gets into gangster rap for a few minutes and tries to come up with a special Hottie of the week without any luck.

We give everyone a unique Hottie of the week who actually just died this week. So its the first time we've had a hottie of the week during the actual week she died. Kid goes way back and tells you the story of the last time such a thing happens and we get nostalgic about the early days of beating off to internet porn.

We preview the Gdub soundboard and talk a bunch of tech crap where the Kid calls thing by the wrong name. To wrap up we play Paster James Mannings take on rumors of his church getting bought by lesbos. Go Deep

Hottie of the Week: The late Katie May
On Tap: Tri City Brewing Company Belgian Tripel