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Feb 9, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - Episode 1320

The Kid and GDub kick off the show with the wonderful talk of rape. Its revealed that the Kid is not as evil as he pretends to be and he hopes that it destroys the world of those who think he is. The story quickly turns into a group of lady boxers wanting to beat the shit out of some guy who wanted actual legal rape. Yes that is a real story. 

Kid gets a little preachy in this one about local media and how its full of shit with retarded lists of favorite donuts and burgers and other bullshit that means absolutely nothing. 

The Kid gives everyone a website to hit called where you can blast a trumpet into the face of Donald Trump. 

We bring up the Satanic Temple and their involvement in some Phoenix Council meetings and we play our new favorite song entitled Satan is a friend of mine. 

Go Deep.