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Feb 1, 2017


In This episode of the Goin' Deep Show, we get to know show newcomer Kitty Kat and she gives us the rundown on a very special spring break full of drugs, sex and getting knocked up. The kid does his best to try to get the ladies to make out with each other but there was so much talking that we forgot what the fuck we were talking about. There is lots of spring break and naked talk in this one. Kid bloats his ego by patting himself on the back for creating an environment that encourages girls to show off their body and do terrible things. Meadow loses control at some point and just starts throwing around random pictures of cock on their phone. She also gives us the lowdown on throwing up on a cock from the smell of it. 

OTHER TOPICS INCLUDE: Load flavor // Live blowjobs // huge vs not so huge cock // sweaty dick sucking // backrubs // wet pussy // oral // barfy cock // funky cock // Pussy juice off a cock // clit and pussy pounding // 

IN STUDIO: Kid, El Presidente, Meadow, Kitty Kat