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Nov 5, 2017

On this episode of the show: Kid, Hollywood, JMac, Spyder Monkey, Gdub

Continuing our month-long celebration of attempting to release a show out every single fucking day we present to you the 1,392 episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. In this episode, The Kid welcomes into the two hole his new partner in crime Hollywood, from the land of Minnesota its JMac and Spyder Monkey and from the deep south, it's the Infamous G-Dub.  Topics discussed range from mass shootings, obscure sexual terms from the urban dictionary along with killing your wife, road head and some tributes to some fallen heroes of the show.

Here’s a rundown of show topics in order.  Listen in.

  • Getting out shit together on the tech side of things
  • Hollywood lets us know that she hates sloths
  • Legends Hugh Hefner and Tom Petty die
  • We learn why the Goin’ Deep Show uses the devil as its logo
  • Someone needs to invest in a pizza cutter
  • JMac has all the answers with the pizza scissors
  • We do a what’s on tap
  • Kid relives his Tsunami episode screaming
  • Kid wonders if he’s getting watered down and wanting to use guns
  • We ask where are we at if we can’t make fun of a mass shootings
  • Urban Dictionary term of the night
  • Spyder Monkey joins in half way and she may be our urban dictionary term
  • We talk runners with their cocks hanging out while crossing the finish line.
  • Pooping yourself while running a race
  • Cock ring thrust counter sex toy
  • Girth and measurements
  • Road head / manslaughter and what combos of

WRAP UP:  A barrage of tech shit given to the kid for not having his shit in order.

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