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Nov 13, 2017

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, we cross the 1,400 mark of episodes and we are at complete drunken rambling levels of well over 100.  We talk more about people doing shit they shouldn’t be, how hot you need to be before it's not harassment and at some point, we hear Red Eye chiming in on a bunch of topics.

We discuss why its cool for two chicks to go at it but when we see a couple of dudes we tend to lock up. We wrap up the evening talking about church and how to save some cash along with that idiot gunman who mowed down a bunch of Kids. Go Deep.

  • 1:00 Try to remember to turn your microphone on Kid
  • 2:00 Its time for sexual harassment
  • 3:00 For some reason the microphone wants to be friends with the boobies
  • 4:00 Let's try and respect the word no
  • 5:00 You scratch my back I scratch yours.
  • 6:00 Her ass is insanity
  • 7:00 Two different crimes - backhand butt touching
  • 8:00 Its the hot factor - Who’s the hot factor
  • 9:00 Red Eye makes an appearance
  • 10:00 Bring up every time a guy has said some shit to you
  • 11:00 Workplace harassment
  • 12:00 These women aren’t throwing it out there a little?
  • 13:00 Red Eye the bastard child lover
  • 14:00 We say that gay men are way more persistent
  • 15:00 Not going there with the guy
  • 16:00 Swapping tongues -
  • 17:00 Guys just want to knock chicks up
  • 18:00 women plus women equal nothing
  • 19:00 We hate kids but we’d make a badass
  • 20:00 Tax the churches
  • 23:00 Fucked up gunman
  • 26:00 Are you trying to bang too many girls


Go Deep.