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Nov 19, 2017

New Red Eye Intros Debut -01: A new standard feature of the podcast is now the Red Eye Intro which makes its debut today.  In this intro, Red Eye tells us what he'd do to a girl he stood up on a blind date.

The second half of Jess from the STL editions of the Goin’ Deep Show.  We tap on a few topics including women needing to come to the Kid’s defense about what the show is, Jess Introduces her boyfriend and we talk about getting various body parts waxed.  The Kid recalls the time in studio guests ripped the hairs out of his nipples, a random sex shop spotted by JMac, and we even hit on some everyday household chores that get our buddy Sleaze rolling on the dirty floor. The Kid calls out Bay City Native Madonna on most likely being a sexual harasser and we hear how girls can properly rape a dude and our favorite stores of lady teachers banging their young students.  Wrap-up includes new jerk off techniques involving a two-hand twisty motion and god forbid no shampoo in your pee hole.  Special Thanks to Red Eye for our new Segment intro. The first of many more to come. Go Deep! Unless your women are being a little bitch about it.  Then go Really Deep.



  • 1:00 Its a little therapy session / The Kid’s devious plan is bullshit
  • 2:00 Free thought just letting it all hang out / Stop overthinking
  • 3:00 Five women standing around the waxing
  • 4:00 Introducing the boyfriend
  • 5:00 Warm Jelly situation on the legs
  • 6:00 Bleeding around the nipples
  • 7:00 Some Random sex shop
  • 8:00 Elliptical and the sex shop
  • 9:00 Neglecting everyday shit
  • 10:00 My laundry is in the dryer for 3 days
  • 11:00 Sleaze and the fake vacuum selling
  • 12:00 Sleaze is crying because the vacuum was clogging
  • 13:00 How long is this shit
  • 14:00 Using your sexuality to get a guy to do something
  • 15:00 The Madonna sex factor
  • 16:00 Getting off in front of a chick
  • 17:00 Dealing with olde men and the groping
  • 18:00 Why are you in his hotel room again?
  • 19:00 Me too bullshit will it level off?
  • 20:00 Don’t touch people / Who’s more drunk her or me?
  • 21:00 The Kid trying to wrap his head around it
  • 22:00 She’s totally raping
  • 23:00 What’s the full story? not just your size
  • 24:00 The escape plan / Holding power over Jess
  • 25:00 A ton of lady teachers banging students / Way hotter
  • 26:00 Its fair and balanced right on the screen
  • 27:00 Shit happens / No apologies
  • 28:00 When you first learn how to jerk off / ya know you got to
  • 29:00 The details


Go Deep.