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Nov 24, 2017

Red Eye Intro 06: Stop eating fatty - Kid and Hollywood from the downtown studio kick out the 1,411th episode of the Goin’ Deep Show where the Kid is kickin’ the Charlie Rose robe with his little dong hanging out during the show and getting cold.  We make fun of fat people a lot in this one so if you tend to be all stuff your face fat and can’t see you fucking dick then we suggest you either take advantage of that thick skin of yours or not listen to this one.  We come to a few conclusions regarding all you can eat buffets, we ask if shame is such a goddamn bad thing and the Kid kicks off the show not farting. Some annoying bitch rants about not having size 22 Victoria Secret items. The Kid is anticipating hurting himself in a Wiffleball tournament, never watching the Hallmark channel, and at some point, during the show, Hollywood reaches under the desk and laughs at the size of what she touched.  Listen to Go Deep and try not to destroy anyone on Black Friday.


  • 1:00 Welcome to knee grow Friday
  • 2:00 I’m ready to go to bed to go get sales
  • 3:00 Did you eat enough?
  • 4:00 Did you eat until you got sick and free balling
  • 5:00 Ice bucket and no warming
  • 6:00 No shame?
  • 7:00 Fat Shaming
  • 8:00 Shame shouldn’t be something I can’t feel
  • 9:00 Bullying and not shaming
  • 10:00 Let's dummy everything down
  • 11:00 Some fatty can’t fit in Victoria Secret? no shit
  • 12:00 The Fatty vs the Skinny people
  • 13:00 Half off the all you can eat buffet
  • 14:00 Charging more in a plane for fatsos
  • 15:00 The Hallmark channel movies are all the same
  • 16:00 How old are the Hallmark viewers
  • 17:00 I want nasty raunch and not Hallmark
  • 18:00 Crime drama, shoot em up, man shit
  • 19:00 Overeating until you’re tired / what’s on tap
  • 20:00 Wiffleball and my bad back
  • 21:00 I’m gonna Charlie Rose ya
  • 22:00 How can I keep up the pace of getting the show out?
  • 23:00 How tiny is my cold dick right now?
  • 24:00 We are not fake, touch my tiny wiener
  • 25:00 Are your nipples showing your temp?
  • 26:00 The worst videos are all anyone sees
  • 27:00 More wine and more shows
  • 28:00 The various ways to get turned on
  • 29:00 WRAPUP: not getting your boyfriend hard.

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