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Dec 2, 2017

Red Eye Intro 14: Marriage - Kid, JMac, Spydermonkey and GDub sit down for a beer driven show with some recaps of old shows with Wally, more sexual harassment and a little history lesson on where Twitter came from. Go grab some ass and listen in. Part 1 of 3. Go Deep. 


2:00 Where Twitter started

4:00 Geek Speak and Reddit

6:00 GDub's new gift

8:00 Emoji's suck balls

10:00 GDub and JMac inside jokes

11:00 Wally vs JMac episodes

16:00 Listeners all over the world

18:00 Home Depot Card

20:00 Harassment girls vs guys / celebrities

21:00 Stories of harassment

24:00 Humping until death

26:00 The button for the door to lock

28:00 How many times do you think that shit happened

30:00 Bill Cosby loves this

31:00 Getting vagina thrown at you

WRAPUP: Movie Reshoots