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Feb 14, 2012

In Studio: Oz, Red Eye
On Skype: Hat Trick and Shithead

0:30 Intros
1:20 You ever heard of getting your pee pee pierced
1:35 How about a butthole piercing
2:00 Cheek?
2:30 Hat Trick found pictures
2:45 The Vagina coloring book
3:00 Anal piercing
3:45 Shithead and the Bar
4:30 You're a drunken humanitarian
5:00 Bar Hopping with Red Eye
5:10 The dollars and cents of the bar owner
7:00 Hat Tricks panties getting wet
8:00 The Married life
8:40 Mags makes you go away
9:30 The relationshit
10:00 Here's what happened to Mag's
11:00 Obviously very high on the old priority list
11:30 Starting and Finishing …. the marriage
12:20 The Magnum soundboard
12:40 Rogue
13:00 Red Eye being a dope dealer
13:30 Oz has been there and done every drug
14:05 The building is turning to Lava
14:35 Drugs would make her ass small and tits big
15:00 What is Heroin like?
15:25 X
16:25 Kids shitting into a jar
17:00 The War on your toilet
17:25 Hat Trick could be rich on Kid shit
18:00 Hat Trick finds something grossly awesome and nasty
19:30 Historic nasty Genital bisection
20:00 Pain Olympics
22:00 Before I throwup…
22:45 Ball sacks hanging with Twine
23:10 How do you find this shit
23:40 The worst sex ever again?
25:00 No more making out.
26:00 Was he drunk
27:20 Where the hell do you find these guys
28:00 The virtual double blowjob (SerenityX and Hat Trick)
29:00 Hat Tricks Tattoo Haven