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Dec 22, 2011

Kid and GDub fill the time over the next few days of Holiday bliss by discussing how stupid bitch X's are. We also discuss how awesome it will be when the Kid dies and some jerkoff will have to browse all the shit in his computer. We talk big black booty, people eating shit and other crap. Did we mention its nearly...

Dec 14, 2011

Kid, Hat Trick and Yukon in Studio with Ducky on the phone. We talk a bit about why kids are awesome, Pornstars that we love and how twitter is just chuck full of naked goodness. We discuss skinny sex and where Hat Tricks hooters went. Yukon and the Kid have decided we like a meatier Hat Trick with less boney-ness. We...

Dec 13, 2011

Kid welcomes back Hat Trick, Yukon and Ducky to the Goin' Deep Show. We get dirty and nasty as you'd expect when Hat Trick enters the studio.

We talk big black sisters loving Ducky, aggresive brotha's who say and do whatever they fucking want, naked pics and hockey players blowing loads all over Hat Tricks face.


Dec 12, 2011

A chilled out Kid and GDub discuss the future, things we're doing, things we're wishing and other bullshit.  Its a pretty relaxed episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  A little departure from the average disgusting affair. Stay tuned this week for the return of Hat Trick and the usual obnoxious banter. Go Deep. 

Dec 9, 2011

Kid Welcomes Ninja Chesticles talks about punching pussy's, tearing out a vagina, we feature the real ultimate website. Sewage in a van with a family. Go Deep and you'll understand. TB 219