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Feb 15, 2005

Its Classics week here at Goin' Deep and this one is what set the groundwork for an entire decade of dumb content.  This episode comes to you from February of 2005 and features The Martial Arts Phenom, The Kid, Mr. Shark attack, Mr. Kleen and the one and only Paralyzer.  This one is a bit confusing due to the fact that we are using different names to make sure our identities are kept secret.  If you're familiar with anything regarding this show you'll quickly realize its a failed attempt.  What you do need to know is that no whales were injured during any of the events discussed but a few peoples pride and credibility may be in question.  Listen in to the Hogging story that ends all Hogging stories.  The Story of Christmas Angel (aka The Easter Bunny) told from the mouth of the  Paralyzer himself.  A true classic in the lore of The Goin' Deep Show. Go Deep.