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May 7, 2012

Kid and Hat Trick go over why she makes guys hard, stripping on web cam and how the Kid nearly slices his Goddamn finger off. We recap the Sex Toy Party that a few members of the crew went to and how we've planned one for June. The girl running this thing wants to lobo and rub up on everybody. We do a little run down of the difference between dikes and lesbos and how chicks who were born without dicks but wished they had em are fuckin' pissed. Kid goes over his angle on why he's an asshole and the conclusion is he says what he sees and it doesn't really matter who hears it. Therefore he goes over why we live in a guys world. Uh oh… he might be in trouble on that one. Hat Trick tells us about her Matrix moment where she has to pick the correct guy to take home from the bar. I think at some point Hat Trick tells us about the 20 year old with the huge cock. Go Deep…. just not in her buttonhole.