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May 21, 2012

Kid, Hat Trick, Silverback and Red in studio discussing drinking, tattoos and naked chicks. Red tells us about ass grabbing cops, taking pictures of Hat Tricks ass and we tell everyone its fair game if you grab ass then she does too. Kid and Silverback discuss the workout routine, why Red is sore in the morning from dreaming of jerking the Kid off. Silverback takes a gay photo and is thankful that the Kid did not share it on Facebook. Hat Trick says she's gonna get fucked on a firetruck and will let pictures be taken.  Red and Hat Trick agree that a 3-5 minute sex session is perfect. Kid doesn't recall getting Red off in an epic acrobatic sex session that he doesn't remember. Hat Trick also tells us the story of how to legitimize losing your virginity in a one night stand. Did we mention she played the flute? Go Deep.