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Jul 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes Action with Kid, JMac, Hat Trick, Silverback and Sookie.

We're kicking out a ton of stuff this week to catch up. We've been sitting our asses on a bunch of audio with many behind the scenes and full episodes.  In this episode we discuss the hair cut competition between JMac and the Kid.

We also discuss the new Goin' Deep Store for a brief second.  We encourage everyone to go check it out.

Hat Trick decides she wants a threesome with whatever characters on True Blood you pick. The Kid comes up with a great way to root-till.

Hat Trick tells us about the record setting threesome pace she's on. Did we mention she's in a sun dress and has high heels on.

We dig up the Let Me Smell Your Dick video and watch that for some pre game.

Sookie is reminded how good Sookie smelled the last time she was in studio.

We also let everyone know that JMac when on Skype is Vajayjay-mac.

When personality fails Silverback tells us to just use your knocker.

Shower Fantasy is also discussed and its solid as a rock. Go Deep.