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Jul 27, 2012

A sober kid kicks off the show. GDub joins in to discuss beer drinking how fast the Kid can get lit and how much piss in a beer might get you sick…. and how to get your friends to drink it. Did we mention we retell the story about a brilliant mind getting his friends to drink his load in a mouthwash container. We also ask the question of how hard it would be to jerk it with practical joking in mind instead of huge tits and tight asses. The Kid's kid farts in my face on purpose and wonders where she gets it from. We out the Green Lantern and kill the Christian market but open up to the flamers out there. We talk about growing up and how Hollywood actors should never get married because the world is their playground. We talk about adding new sections to the site including a hogging section and a section for suppressed Arab bitches that shows ankles and eyes. Go Deep.