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Sep 4, 2012

Kid, Smokey, Sputnik in on this one. Sputnik wants to strap on and bang Tiny Dancer. We create the Olympic event of Twat Depth. Its a lesbo event featuring a 2 foot dildo. Kid talks vibrating panties and moaning and using cars and cassette tapes to make your balls and bag-lips tingle. We talk ball play and how girls should get into the ball play. We come up with the great idea of having a card with sexual tendencies to hand out to potential partners so they have the heads up on what you want. We get into safe words and the difficulty of saying it when you're suckin' dick. Sputnik goes over her craving for getting roughed up and the one time she used the safe word. Smokey gets busy with a friends with benefits and tells us how she got off five times. Its all the rage bitches. Sputnik also wants a fan page. So we might do that. If she starts dishing out virtual hand jobs. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).