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Jan 8, 2014

Kid and Gdub in this backstage of the backstage. This one is truly listening in on the bullshit that we talk about during and in between the show. We're waiting for JMac and Silverback to get in studio and do some mic check tests. Its pretty much the same as every other episode of the show but it doesn't include the regular intro and is even more rough than usual. Topics include soundboards, Wally vs. JMac, Anchorman 2 thoughts, the back catalog of shows and the new site that is in the works. We talk about ethnic haircuts, how everyone has to like the same shit and The Kid discusses advertising, cash and other technical bullshit as well. This is the first of our Xmas shows from a few weeks ago and the second half of this will come out tomorrow so tune in. Kid also gives his two cents on porn subject matter that is getting more odd. Check it out, Go Deep.