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Jan 20, 2015

Kid welcomes in Don Tang, Gdub and Wally talking about how the lamest fucking stories in the world are the stories of how two motherfuckers get engaged. Getting your balls snipped so you don't plop out any little fucking leaches and we make everyone happy by bringing up the Love of Jesus and how it makes the Kid want to punch people. GDub tells us he wanted to make a Jesus freak cry over a sub sandwich and the Kid expresses his angle on slavery.  We reveal that the lovely Red is a juggalo and she apparently wants to infest the youth of America with the sweet sweet sounds of ICP. Wally chimes in and discusses his once in a lifetime experience of laughing in the face of Rapper Eminem. GDub gives us the lowdown on how his first concert was a Celine Dione and Kenny G Concert. We discuss the legalization of Pot and how living in the future will be. Go Deep.