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Aug 31, 2020

MORNING SHOW: Kid and Kleen killing the morning show yapping their flappers about A.I. technology saying what we want. Kid gets on his high horse about cops maybe aiming a little lower when you’re shooting at black people to maybe just stop them instead of kill them. Kleen throws out a Mr. Kleen’s skanky cock gobbling whore of the week, and recaps his breaking of the rules at the Christian campground. Kid gives us the new snowflake rules he’s come up with tells everyone to stop degrading the flag on your junk and we tip our cap to Steve Jobs but also ask if he knew how fucked up the world is now with his inventions. We wrap with the Kid expressing concern about the powers that be coming for your porno. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Kleen sleeps in

2:00 A.I. Tech at its best

3:00 Mr. Kleen’s Skanky cock gobbling whore of the week

4:00 Check out - Dr. Nurse F Show

5:00 Kid shaved too much

6:00 Skylar Vox

7:00 Stop shooting black guys

8:00 I listen to cops - aim for the legs

9:00 Running into racist cops

10:00 Dealing with Race shit

11:00 Kleen wearing GDS gear camping

12:00 Everything is surging

13:00 No alcohol - you rebel

14:00 Nice and cheap - cover 

15:00 Brain shrinking from drinking

16:00 Nobody wants to hear the truth

17:00 Camo and Kid’s triggers - U.S.A.

18:00 Honoring the flag with bikinis and trunks

19:00 Kid loves the Karens

20:00 Stop it with the phones already

21:00 Steve Jobs 

22:00 Apple and creative shit

23:00 Your device disconnects you from the real world

24:00 The Snowflake rules

25:00 Kleen watches The View

26:00 Tippytoe around anyone they become weaker

27:00 More Snowflake rules

28:00 They’re coming for your porn

29:00 Final Words - Grab me by the pussy


Go Deep.