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Dec 22, 2020

Throwback Episode DEC.22, 2005: Mr. Kleen decides its a good idea to call The Kid and the Phenom during his work Christmas party.  It immediately kicks into the duo ripping on every person who comes on the phone and spins way out of control.  This episode was originally recorded December 22, 2005 and features terrible audio quality, terrible trigger words and laughs up your ass as the in studio team try not to reveal that they've built a huge ass snow fortress over Mr. Kleen's house.  Kleen is in full drunk out horny, I'm taking a young girl home for the night mode but we all know better because he won't be getting into his fortress of solitude because of the iced over front and back door.  Hayoooo.  JMac makes a quick exit on this one as he predicts Kleen doing circus tricks for the party.  

1:00 Its happening - lots of hot ass

2:00 Kleen likes fags

3:00 Kleen says you're pretty

4:00 Pretty boy talking - try 9 volts

5:00 Who is the fattest bitch there?

6:00 WTF you talking about Spic

7:00 A girl... finally

8:00 How much you drink tonight? - Fat bitches there?

9:00 Do the carpets match the curtains

10:00 Are your pants on? 

11:00 The marine boyfriend

12:00 tune in and listen yourself

13:00 Kleen get off my phone lines

14:00 Jim from 

15:00 Get better phones ya idiot - The swallower

16:00 Are you married - engaged - semen swallower

17:00 Mr. Kleen's' nickname

18:00 Where is the semen swallower - semen gulp

19:00 Who was that faggot you put on

20:00 Did  you work with Lloyd

21:00 Lets not cock block Mr. Kleen

22:00 Jim from Drive-thrus - Where's LT

23:00 Sounds like gag on my cock is gonna happen

24:00 How do you'd up with a kid - No throat babies

25:00 Finishing twice in your mouth

26:00 Is everybody wasted

27:00 Hard to damage and ass - The good girl swallower

28:00 Back at it shortly

29:00 Music outtro