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Nov 4, 2017

In Studio: Kid and Hollywood

Topics discussed in episode 1391 of The Goin' Deep Show:

  • Hollywood gives us the lowdown on having a nice ass and giving dirty looks when dudes check it out. 
  • The Kid is made aware that he doesn't even realize how amazing Hollywoods tits are. 
  • We discuss how Red Eye is all talk and continues to flake out by getting too drunk to come over. 
  • It goes without saying but we have to let everyone out there know that having a kid fucks up relationships
  • We give some special advice to attractive women on how to combat peoples sexual harassment by looking like a total bitch
  • The Kid reveals the secret to getting the chick
  • More Boob Love
  • Kid eats a donut on the mic and its because Hollywood didn’t want him to.
  • Staying fit to have crazy sex
  • Kid gives us the plan to eat custard in a very special way
  • We discuss where to never leave a lover’s lane catalog
  • How to cock block your sister
  • We do a true or false

WRAP UP: Somehow queer eye for the straight guy gets brought up and toenail eating.  Its the usual sick and gross slathered with some tits and ass discussion like you've all grown to love. 

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